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Can Cabanyes facilities are almost ready.

We are just studying the last details to leave the most comfortable spaces to have our faithful friend the horse in full comfort.

Start the countdown so you can start booking your 16m2 box.

We advance you why our horse pupil differs from the rest.


Stables / Box:

Stables / Box 4×4 wider the horse enjoys a space of 16m2

Box with good air circulation to offer coolness in summer

Straw bed or chip bed (Alspan, Flocnet or equivalent)


4×10 outdoor paddock

Free entry and exit of the horse to the 24h paddock itself.


20m x 60m

Sand with special drainage so as not to prevent immediate training after the rain.

Selice and geotextile sand that ensures the slaud of the horse’s joints.

Meadows / Pastures:

Care and control of the grass, rotating the horses in order to maintain the state of said meadow.

5 hectares of fenced field, planted with a specific mixture for a grass suitable for the horse.

Enjoy natural shaded spaces.


From the facilities you have direct access to be able to walk in a natural environment in the area of ​​the Massís de Cadiretes




Daily cleaning of the block and paddock.

Straw bed or chip bed (Alspan, Flocnet or equivalent)


3 daily meals hay and I think.

We take into account the delicate digestive system of horses. To this end, we pay special attention to food, product quality, respect the order of the introduction of food and rest after the meal.

Periodic evaluation of horse feeding by an equine nutritionist.


I spend about 3 to 4 hours a day.

Exceptions for departures to pastures:

Weather conditions:

Special conditions of the horse:

Depending on the needs of each horse we adjust the time in the green grass.

We always offer some kind of activity outside the block.

Hygiene and medical care:

The service includes putting on and taking out blankets, bandages and all care such as showers, cleaning helmets etc. Application / monitoring of veterinary instructions.

We attend in person the veterinary and blacksmith visits.